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Tuco was founded in 1998 by Jonas Pedersen and Jakob Frost, who are both trained boat builders, and initially the company was engaged in traditional shipyard tasks, i.e. building and servicing leisure crafts.

Since then Tuco has taken part in many highly specialized projects and delivered solutions to many industries such as the wind turbine industry, the aeronautics industry, the utility supply industry, the automotive industry etc.

Tuco differentiates themselves by building small crafts and boat hulls using innovative vacuum technology and materials that result in very light structures. This has a number of advantages such as improved overall performance and reduction in fuel consumption, which in turn implies increased range as well as a reduction in the emission of CO2.

Today Tuco works passionately to develop its line of fast ProZero work boats for professional use. The vessels of the ProZero series are fast work boats that have been designed and constructed for sailing in the extreme conditions that characterize work at open sea, and all vessels are built to meet the demands of our customers as well as the classification societies.

The range of the ProZero series covers Fast Rescue Boats, Daughter Crafts, vessels for Military & Police and Work boats.
The ProZero concept has been developed from the well-known Tuco Marine Guard-series
The vessels of the Guard-series have been produced for more than a decade, and have been delivered to some of the most demanding professional customers, such as the Offshore sector, Military, and Search and Rescue Services.

On the basis of these experiences and with a unique expertise in material- and production technology, Tuco works to supply the market with efficient vessels that satisfy the industry demand for profitability and operational stability as well as the general awareness of the necessity of finding innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact while optimizing functionality.

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Tuco Marine ApS

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