The main culture driver at Trifork is how we are organised. Small units of less than 42 people give an informal and direct style of internal communication. Trifork is built on a flat organisation and each individual is empowered to take ownership and responsibility – show the best you can do!

We are engineering geeks at our core. At Trifork, 78% of our software pilots code on a regular basis and a huge part of our management team started off as developers and are geeks themselves. None more than our very own founder and CEO, Jørn.

Fundamental to our culture is the passion for technology – Think Software. New technologies arise in a constant flow and we see new technologies as a fantastic opportunity to challenge existing ones. We all share an interest in being first movers and we share a passion for testing the potential of new technologies. Therefore, it is an integral part of our core business and culture to maintain an inflow of new software technologies that we evaluate thoroughly – some we reject and some we happily approve.


At Trifork, we enjoy keeping our bodies and minds active and having fun together outside work. We do that in many ways – we have running & cycling clubs, board game nights, LAN parties, as well as skiing and sailing team-building trips.

In line with our geekiness, we are especially proud of our cross-office Counter-Strike team, where we meet weekly for team training. Even though we already have a strong lineup, we are always on the lookout for potential candidates to heighten our skill ceiling!

This goes for Trifork overall, so even if you’re not a Counter-Strike fan, we’d still love to hear from you!

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