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Mariola Kajkowska is the Founder of First Friend in Denmark a company with the purpose to support companies in Denmark in the process of retaining their international employees. Denmark is known for its work-life balance and hygge but at the same time, it is challenging for the internationals who live there to settle well and get a feeling of belonging.

In 2007 I started working with recruitment, relocation, and integration of international employees in Denmark. Ever since, I have dedicated my professional life to assisting both international talents and companies employing internationals. For the last 15 years I have worked with all types of internationals living in Denmark – those who came because of work, studies, war & love.


What do I do?

I provide consulting and training for the companies and their international employees that bridge the gap to successful retention. I have developed a 12-month program called “4 Keys to Successful Retention” targeted at international employees and their accompanying partners.

I support companies throughout the process of attracting, recruiting, onboarding, and retaining their international talents.


First Friend in Denmark can help you in the following areas:


  1. Retention of your international staff This is so your investments in recruitment fully pays off.
  • Equipping company’s employees with tangible tools to work with international colleagues and receive best results.
  • Assistance and mentoring for the international employees to decode and navigate cultural differences.
  • Specially designed a 12-month training program called “4 Keys to Successful Retention” targeted at international employees and their accompanying partners (read more here).


  1. Team building and optimization Mariola is certified in the DISC Model of Human Behavior which enables her to equip her clients to maximize their personality strengths and improve their influence, communication, and productivity.


  1. Employee development and growth Through 1:1 coaching and Mastermind groups


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