Moving Global Talent

Highly-qualified global talent for Southern Danish companies



The project Moving Global Talent is brought into the world to help companies in Southern Denmark to find, onboard and retain the international talent that industries are missing.

The project partners are 18 companies from different industries, the robot cluster in Odense and 12 municipalities in Southern Denmark. The goal is to put the companies and the robot cluster on the global map and provide the right framework for onboarding and retention of global talents.

The project focuses on sourcing talent from countries where there is a surplus of expertise and a lack of jobs. We aim to attract talent from these areas to the companies in Southern Denmark that have a corresponding shortage of talent with similar qualifications. We do this based on thorough research in accordance with the urgent needs of the companies.

Close contact with the companies

Our Global Onboarding Specialists and Talent Attraction Manager keep close contact with the 18 test companies and firms in the robot cluster, Odense Robotics. We develop methods and tools together with the companies and match the needs of the individual company regarding pre- and onboarding. Furthermore, we create a framework to motivate international employees to stay in the long term.

The project lasts from August 2018 to August 2021 and has a budget of 23 mill DKK. Of this amount, 11.4 mill DKK (50 %) has been allocated by the European Social Fund and 5.7 mill DKK (25 %) through local funding from the Southern Denmark Growth Forum.

Moving Global Talent’s criteria for success

What do we aim to achieve in 3 years?

Number of highly-qualified international employees working for Southern Danish companies

300 matches between international talent and test companies:

  • 100 matches between international talent and test companies
  • 200 matches between international talent and companies in the robot cluster, Odense Robotics
  • 87% of the 300 international employees are still in the company after 12 months

Branding of Southern Danish companies and Southern Denmark

We will run 4 campaigns, each with their own theme, in order to highlight Southern Danish companies and Southern Denmark as a destination, with attractive career- and settlement opportunities.

This is how we source global talent

There are different initiatives we use for attracting global talent:

  • Thorough research on mobility and onboarding
  • Cooperation with foreign universities
  • Participation in international fairs

Methods for onboarding international employees

Together with the test companies and the robot cluster, we will develop methods and tools for onboarding and retention. Among other things, through the development of:

  • Onboarding toolbox
  • Best practice seminars
  • Introduction programmes which are connected to existing offers for international newcomers and their partners
  • Model for retaining international employees
What is the Moving Global Talent project?

What is the Moving Global Talent project?

Moving Global Talent puts companies from the Region of Southern Denmark and the robot cluster on the global map. The project provides a framework for the successful onboarding and retention of international talent.

We have made a video that shows what we are working on in the project.

Free material to download

Here you can download videos, infographics, articles and other free marketing materials you can freely use to attract the best talents.
The materials are aimed at both Danish and international talents and are about career and life in Southern Denmark.

Download the material here

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