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Denmark’s third largest city, Odense on the island of Funen is the centre of a fast-growing international IT and technology cluster with close ties to universities and knowledge networks. If you’re looking for careers full of freedom and responsibility, this is the place to be.

Funen is a tech centre of excellence with a unique cluster of companies and research environments specialising in robots, IT, automation and tech.

The ground-breaking and internationally awarded work of companies such as Universal Robots, Colourbox and is an inspiration for many new exciting companies that start up every year.

The achievements of the area’s companies in robotics are built upon the strong foundation created 25 years ago when the major industrial companies began to demand automated production methods. One such company is Odense Steel Shipyard (Lindø), which resulted in cooperation with the University of Southern Denmark.

Do you want to become one of the 1,500 new tech employees needed in Southern Denmark before 2020? We can help you find the right place to kick-start your career!

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Life as a programmer in Denmark

Life as a programmer in Denmark


Meet Wayne, a programmer from Australia working in Denmark. Hear his view on Danish work environment and why he chose Denmark and what the IT sector in Denmark has to offer him and other IT/tech savvy kindred spirits who love to work with cool products in flexible conditions with time for both career AND time to yourself.

Meet the IT & Tech Cluster

… a fast-growing, international cluster with close ties to universities and knowledge networks.

Meet the IT & Tech Cluster