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Moving to a foreign country and adapting to a new culture can take time. However, coming to a country like Denmark will most certainly make this process easier. Here the standard of living is generally very high and people feel happy and safe. Denmark has a well-functioning infrastructure, a strong educational system and a rich cultural life. This can make living in Denmark a great experience for you and your family.

We take good care of you!
The Newcomer Service Team in Southern Denmark is aimed at welcoming all newcomers to the region – both national and international – helping them settle, and introducing them to social networks and activities in the local area. Contact your local newcomer guides in Southern Denmark and get help straight away. They offer a wide range of services, both pre- and post-arrival, will help you find answers to your questions.

Almost all Danes speak and understand English, which makes it easy for foreigners to work and live in Denmark. However, learning how to speak Danish is highly recommended because it will help you engage with people both socially and at work. Joining an association or club where you can enjoy and perhaps share an interest with Danes is a good way to meet people and create a personal network. Also, in this case, speaking the Danish language will give you an advantage and help you get settled.

Work-life balance
The Danish working culture is based on collaboration and personal responsibility. Everyone is encouraged to contribute with ideas, and the atmosphere in the Danish workplace is a blend of professional and casual. You will find that both the working culture and regulation of the labour market in Denmark will allow you to balance any career with family life. Work-life balance is important to the Danish workforce, which is surely one of the reasons surveys find the Danes to be the happiest people in the world.

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Read news and practice Danish at the same time

Reading the news is a good way to learn more about Danish society and culture. On you find Danish news stories in a more simple language and with pop ups explaining complicated words. Perfect for anybody who want to improve their Danish language skills while keeping updated on current affairs!

Danish Slang

Danish Slang

Usually local slang can turn into some really funny expressions when translated to English – exactly how it happens with Danish slang. But learning the local language and its expressions can be essential for your integration and for getting closer to local people.

In this short video from Vanity Fair you will get an insight into Danish slang presented by the Game of Thrones actor, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.
To Call or Not to Call

To Call or Not to Call

Many non-Danish jobseekers are surprised by the fact that it is common to call to their potential future employers before sending an application.

Watch this video from Workindenmark that explains how to prepare for the calls, which many jobseekers find intimidating.
Can I send an unsolicited application?

Can I send an unsolicited application?

Many job openings are never advertised in Denmark. To enhance your chances of finding a job, it is a good idea to send unsolicited applications to companies you would particularly like to work for.

Watch this video from Workindenmark that explains how to send such applications.
How to write a personal profile

How to write a personal profile

A CV is expected to contain a personal profile: a short summary of your professional, personal and social competences (5-6 sentences). This is what Danish employers pay close attention to.

Watch this video from Workindenmark that helps you compose a personal profile that gives your job application extra impact.
Writing your cover letter

Writing your cover letter

A cover letter is often just as important as a CV in Denmark when you apply for a job. It is important to write a cover letter specifically tailored to each position you apply for.

Watch this video from Workindenmark that explains how to write a good cover letter that grabs Danish employers’ attention.

The Danish Language

What is the funniest word in Danish? The most difficult and the nation’s favourite word?

The first five words to learn in Danish

Learning a new language can be hard. But it is the key to finding a job or build a network and make new friends in a new country.
In this video, we introduce you to 5 Danish words that will help you to start conversations and learn more about Denmark and Danish culture.

Meet Luke McConnie from the UK

Meet Luke McConnie from the UK

Meet Luke McConnie, who moved from the UK to Denmark to work for Ecco Shoes. Luke shares his story about living and working in Southern Denmark and how he enjoys his simple lifestyle close to nature.

The working environment in Denmark is based on freedom and responsibility

The working environment in Denmark is based on freedom and responsibility

Professional development is one of the main focus areas. Every six months we have a meeting with our manager where a development plan is created that allows us to support each other.

It's totally acceptable to say

It’s totally acceptable to say

“I’ve got to get the kids. In fact I’d say that people would find it strange if you didn’t”. Hear Ken Cordes tell how he experiences the Danish work-life balance