Newcomer Service in Funen, Langeland and Ærø

Welcome to Funen, Langeland, and Ærø

– the islands where you can live your life at a different pace

The island of Funen consists of the municipalities of Assens, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Kerteminde, Nordfyn, Nyborg, Odense, Svendborg as well as the southern isles of Ærø and Langeland.

Between continental Jutland and the island of Zealand, you find a very special part of Denmark – Funen. The place where past, present and future unite in an atmosphere beyond words the bliss of Funen!

No matter where on this beautiful island you choose to settle down you will be close to the garden, the sea, the history, Hans Christian Andersen and The Hygge.

The central location of Funen creates perfect conditions for growth. The island is a tech center of excellence that offers unique career opportunities.

Our newcomer guides are ready to help
In Funen and the isles, we are ready to welcome and help you settle. Your local newcomer guide can help you with all your questions and offers a wide range of services, both pre- and post-arrival.

The newcomer guides offer their assistance in questions regarding moving and settling. For example regarding concern questions about the area’s housing opportunities, schools, and other public services as well as the social and cultural offers in the area.

Meet the team of newcomer guides in Funen and in the islands here.

Five tips to Funen, Langeland and Ærø

  • Discover the flavors of Funen at the many markets, farm shops, orchards, restaurants and tasting trails scattered in the beautiful landscape.
  • Take a break from the everyday life and immerse yourself in the diverse scenery of Funen.
  • The sea is never more than a 30 minute drive, and Funen is surrounded by 96 islands that give you the opportunity to go island hopping!
  • Explore the history of Funen in the beautiful old towns and more than 120 castles and manor houses scattered around the island.
  • Feel the atmosphere and become absorbed in the enchanting fairy tales in the childhood streets of Hans Christian Andersen in the city of Odense.