Newcomer in Denmark

From Spain to Copenhagen and off to a new adventure in Southern Denmark

Meet David Moya, a 23-year old Sales Engineer who moved from Spain to Denmark and now works for Maersk Container Industry (MCI) while living in Sønderborg. After finishing his education in Industrial Engineering and Management in Copenhagen, David got offered a job in Tinglev in Southern Denmark. Not knowing what to expect, David took a chance and seized the job opportunity. He now encourages anyone in a similar situation to do the same.

Finding your feet in Southern Denmark

Finding your feet in Southern Denmark

As an international metropolitan accustomed to living in cities such as Madrid and Copenhagen, David came to Sønderborg not knowing what to expect. Leaving his social network behind, he was excited to kickstart one anew. 

“When I first came to Sønderborg, the first thing I did was to work, of course. But then I wanted to have other activities. I looked for what I could do. The newcomer guide in Sønderborg Municipality and my colleagues at MCI provided me with a lot of information about activities matching my interests.”

Swim in the activities of Sønderborg and score a social network

David knew exactly how he wanted to expand his social network in the province. Having played soccer for most of his life, he knew that being on a soccer team would be a great way of getting to know new people in Sønderborg. Having been recommended different soccer fields in the area by his coworkers, he sought them out and reached out to the relevant teams by phone and email.

David also took to Facebook in order to find people with interests similar to his own. Remembering that he used to play water polo when he was younger, David began looking for swimming pools in the area as well.

“Going to the swimming pool led me to meet new people, which I think is really important to build up activities in your daily life.”

David and the Danish language

When first coming to Denmark, David had thought that not knowing the language would be a problem. However, to his surprise most of the people he interacted with spoke english perfectly. In his opinion there is no actual language barrier here – “he might as well be working in the U.S.”

Even though there is no language barrier here, David still sees value in learning Danish:

“Of course it is better to speak Danish, because people from Denmark prefer to speak Danish and some of the less formal conversations are in Danish as well.”

David and the Danish language