From international intern to full time employee

Meet Hungarian Kristóf Horváth, a 24-year old Software Developer who left his homeland to study abroad in Denmark and now works for Dansk Scanning A/S in Esbjerg. While studying to become a Software Developer at EASV Business Academy in Esbjerg, Kristóf managed to land an internship at Dansk Scanning.

“As an international student, it was very difficult to get an internship. Many companies exclusively hire Danish students. Luckily, I had a friend in my class who got an internship at Dansk Scanning and helped me get an interview.”

Finding a job

Finding a job

If Kristóf did not have his friend who got him the interview with Dansk Scanning, he would have looked for an internship by using lists provided by his teachers and school counsellors.

If he had been searching for a job in Hungary, he would also have used his social network.

“I would talk to someone who knows somebody and get a job like that. That is the easiest way I know, and it is great that it applies here as well. Apparently, this is a universal way of getting a job!”

From intern to full-time – Hard work pays off

After being hired as an intern, Krisóf worked late to show Dansk Scanning that he wanted to become a full-time employee. His hard work paid off: He has now been working at Dansk Scanning for half a year.

“I don’t know if they were expecting me to offer more of my time, but I wanted to, because I wanted to stay in Denmark and get a full-time job here.”

Krisóf advises anyone who would like to study in Denmark to actually come here and talk to people face-to-face. According to Kristóf:

‘Danish people are weird through email, but really helpful.’