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Right now, we are looking for qualified applicants to participate in the Fall-programme 2020 of Future Talent Denmark, where you as an international student from the University of Southern Denmark or BSS Aarhus University have the opportunity to enhance your chances of pursuing an exciting career following your studies in Denmark.

Both the University of Southern Denmark and BSS Aarhus University place great emphasis on preparing its international students, to pursue a career in Denmark during and after their studies. This career development programme is one way of supporting your career in Denmark. If you are selected to participate, you will benefit from all the events and services offered in the programme.


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What you can expect from participating in the programme



Project work with  peers

Project work with a group of international peers, on a project in a local company.



A local professional network

 You and a group of your peers will be partnered up with a local company, where you, among other activities, will be solving a case of relevance for the company.


Knowledge, materials and tools

Minimum two career development events and throughout the programme you will receive materials and tools that can be used on your path towards finding a job in Denmark.


A certificate           of achievement

After 1/2 year programme, you will receive a certificate that states your achievements during the programme.


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What is Future Talent Denmark?

What is Future Talent Denmark?

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