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Right now, we are looking for qualified applicants to participate in the Future Talent Denmark programme, where you as an international student from the University of Southern Denmark or BSS Aarhus University have the opportunity to enhance your chances of pursuing an exciting career following your studies in Denmark.

Both the University of Southern Denmark and Aarhus BSS place great emphasis on preparing its international students, to pursue a career in Denmark during and after their studies. This career development programme is one way of supporting your career in Denmark. If you are selected to participate, you will benefit from all the events and services offered in the programme.


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What you can expect from participating in the programme

Student abroad finds job in Denmark

Student abroad finds job in Denmark

Meet Latvian Mareks, a 23-year old Software Developer who left his homeland to study abroad in Denmark and now works for Dansk Scanning A/S in Esbjerg. After finishing high school, Mareks thought he knew where he was headed, until an online friend of his suggested that he should come to Southern Denmark. Not knowing what to expect, Mareks applied to EASV Business Academy in Esbjerg. After being accepted, he took a leap of faith by coming here and meeting his online friend in person for the first time.

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What is Future Talent Denmark?

What is Future Talent Denmark?

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