COMPAR cares about the spouse – 100% job guarantee

In October 2015, three people founded COMPAR with the purpose to build a safe and private initiated alternative to assist spouses / partners finding regular jobs.  Jane Elgård Petersen has a background as Culture Detective and relocation advisor. Kirsten Paulsen and Søren Bøge Sørensen have both the background as coaches and headhunters.  This combination of competences is a fantastic starting point for offering the assistance we are offering by TalentWorkProgramme®. Our network amongst companies of all sizes, our methods, knowledge and drive will ensure the companies a unique platform for both attraction and retention of their future employees.

TalentWorkProgramme® – attraction and retention of employees

COMPAR ensures the companies by active and strong efforts the job situation of the employees’ partners. To emphasize our special designed model – TalentWorkProgramme® – COMPAR offers 100% job guarantee – and this is unique.

Attraction – Retention – Satisfaction – Saved costs – Increased human value = COMPAR

When speaking with the companies, they want to add the value of the employee, who they have spent a lot of money to get to the company, either from abroad or from other parts of Denmark, gets the offer to have their partner guided in a handheld course. By our program we ensure that the partner ends in an employment process in only relevant and special selected companies, and by the end they succeed getting a job. When translating the last part, this means we offer 100% guarantee for recruitment.
COMPAR offers a handheld course named TalentWorkProgramme®

TalentWorkProgramme® – a part of the strategic HR/CSR

COMPAR works for the companies to incorporate TalentWorkProgramme® into their procedures of hiring from the very beginning. That means they already in the job advertisements point out that accompanying partners will be offered a TalentWorkProgramme® through COMPAR.
Surveys say that the primary reason an employee leaves before time is that the partner does not get a job and thereby the home/family life does not work.
COMPAR focuses on creating work-life-balance for the families, either travelled to Denmark from other countries or moved to another region of Denmark to work – the challenges can be the same wherever you move from. COMPAR ensures the partner gets a job and thereby your new employee will stay. In total we improve the positive bottom line.
COMPAR’s TalentWorkProgramme® is an important supplement to the great work of the settlement coordinators of the municipalities, …… from work-live-stay, job centers and what else offered by the public Denmark. COMPAR offers the extra layer on top which means that the available pool of talent is of benefit to Danish companies and society in general. And on top of that COMPAR offers 100% job guarantee.
COMPAR will be national wide and therefore we will cooperate with other headhunters, recruiting companies and coaches all over Denmark.  Our customers are coming from all over Denmark, whatever it is international concerns, minor or middle size companies or relocation of public work places.

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Administration Agronomist Architecture Audiologist Automation Bachelor of engineering Biology Business Intelligence Chemical engineer Civil engineer/Structural engineer Communication Computer specialist/Computer science Construction Management Dentist Doctor DSP engineer (Digital Signal Processing) Economics/Accounting Electrical engineer Energy engineer Energy technologist Engineer ERP systems Export sales Financial management HR HSEQ (QHSE) Integrated Design Engineer IT engineer Law Management Marine engineering Marketing Mechanical Engineer Mechatronic Engineer Mediation Nanotechnology Offshore/Maritime Pharmacist Pharmaconomist Plast processing technician Process engineer Process optimisation and supply chain Procurement Product Development/R&D Production Engineer Production Technologist Programming Project management/Planning Public affairs Research Robot Technology Safety management Sales Sales Engineers Service Engineer Software development Software engineer Specialist doctor Teaching and tuition Technician Transport Warehouse and logistics Welfare technology


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