About The Southern Denmark Career Portal

Maybe you think “Why Denmark?” or even “Why Southern Denmark?” The answer: because Denmark, and Southern Denmark especially, is a central and attractive place to work.

This career portal aims to create a single entry point to all there is to know about the career opportunities and the good life in Southern Denmark. You will get a “one-stop shop” to companies, job opportunities, people, cities, nature, leisure life, family life, events – in fact, everything you need to know about having a challenging career and creating a great life here in the Southern part of Denmark is available through this portal!

In Southern Denmark, the number of international companies that lead their respective markets is exceptional. This excellence leads to plenty of career opportunities in an international environment that is close to Europe and close to nature.

The association work-live-stay southern denmark is the initiator of this career portal for Southern Denmark. We were founded by the Region of Southern Denmark in partnership with private companies and the regional municipalities. We are backed by a strong executive committee consisting of senior executives in private and public companies, as well as municipalities.

Our mission is to unify all activities in Southern Denmark that generate improved growth conditions for companies and municipalities through the attraction of highly qualified talent. In Southern Denmark, we believe that we are strongest when we stand together and work towards mutual goals. That is why we in unison invite you—the best talents—to join us.

We welcome you to Southern Denmark!

Do you want to become part of the career portal?

Are you a company with activities in Southern Denmark and do you want to become part of the career portal for the region? Then please fill out this form and submit it to us. You are always more than welcome to contact Marianne Solkær for more info.


work-live-stay southern denmark has been granted funds by Southern Denmark Growth Forum (Sydansk Vækstforum).

We make it easier for you—and possibly your family—to move to Southern Denmark in partnership with the region’s municipalities.

This means that you will receive the best service when you look for the perfect house and when you want knowledge about local associations, networks, jobs, leisure activities and more for a possible spouse and family, no matter where in Southern Denmark you choose to settle down.

We see your family as whole when you move here. We make sure you are greeted with a good reception in our region, as it is a key ingredient for you settling in properly and wanting to stay with us. That is why we work together with the regional municipalities and the local companies to ensure your satisfaction—both with regards to your career and your family life.