About Us

We are bridging between companies in Southern Denmark and the greatest talents

Thanks for visiting www.worklivestay.com which is your entrance to information about career and life in Southern Denmark.

This site is provided by work-live-stay southern denmark which is a non-profit organization bridging between highly skilled talent and companies in Southern Denmark.

Our organization is backed by more than 90 private and public companies, local council areas and organizations and we work with different national and international projects supported by The European Social Fund, the Region of Southern Denmark or The Danish Executive Board for Business Development and Growth. See a list of members.

We offer free information about life and career opportunities in Southern Denmark through our Facebook page and our Career Portal where visitors find an overview of more than 350 companies in Southern Denmark, that are interested in highly skilled talents from all over the world.



The aim of work-live-stay southern denmark is to:

Attract highly qualified talent to companies in Southern Denmark

Southern Denmark is bursting with a wide range of attractive career possibilities, within market-leading companies. This is on top of the famous Danish work-life balance, in an international environment with good access to the rest of Europe.

Welcome highly qualified talents and their families to our region 

Local newcomer guides are ready to guide talents and their family both before and after their arrival in Southern Denmark.

Retain highly qualified talents and their families

In cooperation with companies and organizations, we target efforts to support the retention and well-being of talents and their families.


work-live-stay southern denmark is located in Vejle, Southern Denmark. The organization is headed by director Camilla Høholt Madsen and employs app. 15 dedicated employees. You can contact work-live-stay southern denmark at info@worklivestay.dk

work-live-stay southern denmark is not a recruitment partner and do not take in CVs and résumés. We refer candidates to our Career Portal or www.workindenmark.dk where talents can search for jobs in all of Denmark or add your CV to the database.

Learn about our international projects (in English)

International talents: https://work-live-stay.dk/foreningenwls/movingglobaltalent-en/

International students in Denmark https://work-live-stay.dk/en/future-talent-denmark/




“work-live-stay southern denmark creates cohesion and a network between the most important actors in Southern Denmark. In this way, we can attract the necessary, highly qualified talent and thus increase possibilities for growth amongst the region’s businesses, a goal which cannot be achieved alone.” 



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